100% Gluten-Free Bread, Pastries and More

About Us

Ma Ma Boutique Bakery is a family-owned artisan gluten-free bakery providing West Londoners with its delicious handmade gluten-free bread, pastries, cakes, sandwiches, cookies, and biscuits.

Being coeliac and gluten-intolerant we completely understand how difficult it can be to find gluten-free bread that is actually tasty, nicely textured, and nutritious. This is what prompted us to hop on this bakery adventure; making bread and pastries without compromising on taste or health!

Our passion for baking and attention to detail sets us apart. We blend tradition with innovation, creating new ‘healthy’ classics. We believe that bread should be made the old-fashioned way, using only natural ingredients from the finest sources and long fermentation methods.

We bake the world a better place.

“My love affair with bread began when my grandfather taught me how to bake the perfect loaf when I was a little girl. Being raised in the traditions of his baking, for me, there is nothing better or more comforting than the smell, taste, and texture of freshly baked bread.

I started to work on gluten-free recipes after switching to a gluten-free diet for health reasons later in my life. All of a sudden, bread was something that was denied to me. I struggled to find a gluten-free alternative that was to my liking, so I decided to bake my own.

At the Ma Ma Boutique Bakery in West London, we only use the very best, gluten-free, whenever possible naturally organic ingredients in order to deliver gluten-free bread of exacting quality direct to you. All our products can be enjoyed by everyone, especially those with medical conditions that require a gluten-free diet, including sufferers of coeliac disease.

I hope you get to enjoy my creations as much as I do, they have been baked with Love.”

marina signature

Founder of Ma Ma Boutique Bakery and Head Baker

Only the Best Ingredients

All our bread and bakes are handcrafted using 100% gluten-free, nutritionally dense, natural, and organic. Whenever possible, we use locally grown stoneground ingredients and support those who go to great lengths to produce and make them available to us. 

We strive to achieve the best flavour and texture in anything we make. That means not using any artificially produced ingredients or additives to improve or enhance what should be a natural process.

100% GLUTEN-FREE Recipes

Why gluten-free? Because we want to be as inclusive as possible. Many people, just like ourselves, have adverse health effects from consuming gluten. We want everyone to be able to enjoy the delicious bakes that gluten is typically found in.

We are bringing flavour back to wheat-free diets, offering a range of gluten-free bread and baked goods bursting with hard-to-resist taste qualities and excellent nutritional values: proper crust, real texture, moist centre, and packed with protein and fibre.


Everything by Hand

Convinced that the quality of a product is intrinsically dependent on the savoir-faire of the baker who makes it, Ma Ma Boutique Bakery baked goods are made by hand every morning, with authentic methodology and scrupulous attention to detail. The standards are the same for all our baked goods: breads – at the heart of our business – but also our pastries and cakes, are all made with the same artisanal care and the same philosophy: to privilege quality over quantity.