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Artisan gluten-free bakery in Chiswick

gluten-free sourdough

We bake the world a better place!

Chiswick’s best gluten-free bakery

gluten-free sourdough

100% gluten-free, 100% nutritious and tasty

Why do we bake gluten-free?

A gluten-free diet can seem daunting, especially for those who are not medically required to follow it for health reasons like Nigel and myself. A gluten-free diet helps manage symptoms of celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and other medical conditions associated with gluten consumption, however, this type of diet can be adopted and wholeheartedly enjoyed by people without medical conditions, who just want to follow a healthier lifestyle. That’s right, literally, everyone can go Gluten-free and reap the benefits without compromising on the taste. Here at Ma Ma Boutique Bakery, we make sure to use the right flour blends, and high-quality ingredients and mix the dough with a lot of passion so you can eat your Gluten-free heart out!

Whether you are hungry for a savoury or sweet option or have dietary restrictions, we’ve got you covered at our Chiswick-based gluten-free bakery. Healthy has never tasted so good with our homemade Gluten-free, lovingly baked bread and other scrumptious creations.

Quality ingredients

Quality ingredients can have an incredible impact on the taste of gluten-free baked goods. We use one simple rule in baking – best ingredient equals best results. At Ma Ma Boutique gluten-free bakery, we only use natural, nutritionally dense, and where possible local and organic ingredients. 

gluten free bread

Passion for bread

Not only does the process of baking improve moods, but the feeling of satisfaction also gained when seeing and tasting the end product naturally enhances happiness. We’ve created something tangible that can be enjoyed and shared, guilt-free.

gluten free bakery


Our boutique gluten-free bakery is at the heart of our lives. It is a small family-run business where our core values are reflected in the product and operational practices. We pride ourselves on a no wastage policy and adopt a sustainable approach.

100% gluten-free products

What we serve

Gluten-free sourdough breads

Our signature bread, our pride, and joy. Our sourdough slowly ferments for up to 36 hours and has an open irregular, slightly sour, nutty texture. Great fresh or toasted.

Gluten-free butter breads

A traditional bread, a true classic. Soft and fluffy with a delicious crispy crust. Made simply with our special blends of gluten-free flours, fresh yeast, butter, and salt. Perfect for sandwiches or simply with lashing of butter.

Gluten-free cookies

Our delicious gluten-free cookies are the perfect accompaniment to a cup of freshly-brewed tea! You don’t have to sacrifice your favorite snack just because you have given up gluten.

Gluten-free cakes

Looking for light, fluffy, and decadent bakes that just so happen to be gluten-free? Explore our flourless chocolate, lemon drizzle, cherry blossom, and many more.

gluten-free sandwich

Glutens-free sandwiches

Best way to get on with your day? You just need that perfect something to help you meet your daily challenges. Our morning bakes are made with the hope to make your morning a great one.

Gluten-free pastries

Our patisserie range brings together all of the delicious individual treats that showcase our passion for ‘guilt-free’ treats.

Brioche buns

"Amazing cakes and breads. Fresh and real homemade touches but still so professionally produced. If only available nationwide so many more could enjoy! Worth travelling to Chiswick if you can and you’ll truly understand!!"

gluten free bakery


Browse our products

Lovingly crafted, freshly-baked goodness. 100% gluten-free artisanal bread and pastries. Made with whole-grain organic flours. No additives, gums, or nasties. Browse our selection of delicious bakes with classic flavours. 

* Coming soon – Reserve your favourite bakes online and we will have them bagged and ready for you to collect in-store.